An SL75 stage is adorned with Picklesburgh banners


Big Impact, Less Effort

The SL75 offers increased production value while remaining compact, affordable and quick to set-up. Special design consideration was given to the unique needs of Flyspace clients in the creation of this streamlined stage model.

A fully assembled SL75 stage stands alone

Technical SpecsSpecifications


Length + Depth

20' x 16'


Height from Ground



Integrated Roof Height from Deck (Inclined roof)



Flown Sound Capacity

750 lbs per side


Roof Lifting Capacity

200 lbs


Overhead Clearance Once Built



Roof Load Bearing Capacity

4250 lbs


Min. Base Stage Set-Up Time

1 hr

including time for landing and leveling


Min. Number of Stage Technicians



Mode of Transportation

1 pick-up truck


Required Overhead Clearance for Travel



Gust Wind Resistance

77 mph w/ windwalls; 115 mph w/out windwalls


Wind Wall Coverage

Full-Width Back Wall in Vinyl and Full-Depth Side Walls in Vinyl

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