Stage Quiz

We have a stage for every event big or small. Take our concise stage quiz to find the perfect stage for your event.
{"stages":[{"id":"30"},{"id":"31"},{"id":"34"},{"id":"35"},{"id":"36"}],"questions":[{"question":"What is the occasion?","answers":[{"label":"Small ceremony (Fewer than 10 People sitting in chairs on stage)","id":"30"},{"label":"Press event/speaking engagement","id":"30"},{"label":"Small act music festival (5 or fewer performers on stage at a time)","id":"31"},{"label":"Single musician or dance performer","id":"31"},{"label":"Broadcasting Stage (News, Sports, Events) / Front of House Stage (Medium Sized Music Festival)","id":"31"},{"label":"Commencement/graduation (Fewer than 20 People sitting in chairs with a podium and walkway on stage)","id":"34"},{"label":"Small sized music festival (9 or fewer Performers on stage at a time)","id":"34"},{"label":"Multiple musical acts/dance performers","id":"34"},{"label":"Front of House Stage For Large Sized Music Festival","id":"34"},{"label":"Large scale presentation/event","id":"35"},{"label":"Medium Sized music festival with national acts","id":"35"},{"label":"Performance with a full AVL Rig; Sound, Lighting, and Video less than 18,000 lbs","id":"35"},{"label":"Full Theatrical Performance requiring large scale AVL Rig; Sound, Lighting and Video less than 66,000 lbs","id":"36"},{"label":"Large festival with A-list acts","id":"36"}]},{"question":"How many people will be in the audience of your event?","answers":[{"label":"~250 or fewer","id":"30"},{"label":"~500 or fewer","id":"31"},{"label":"~2,000 or fewer","id":"34"},{"label":"~5,000 or fewer","id":"35"},{"label":"~15,000 or fewer","id":"36"}]},{"question":"How many people will be performing on the stage at one time?","answers":[{"label":"1 - 5","id":"30"},{"label":"1 - 7","id":"31"},{"label":"1 - 10","id":"34"},{"label":"1 - 12","id":"35"},{"label":"1 - 15","id":"36"}]}]}